Cage ladders and stairways to access industrial silos

Creda Elevation specializes in the manufacturing and design of cage ladders, safety ladders, and industrial stairways for silos. These customizable structures are designed to carry out assembly and maintenance operations on large industrial silos. Our ladder systems are modular and can be easily adapted to meet specific requirements. It's also possible to design guardrails and walkways to connect multiple silos.


Complete structure customization based on size and application requirements
Simple, quick, and cost-effective assembly
Resistance to wear and tear and weather conditions
Compliance with the highest safety standards and high-quality materials that stand the test of time
made of stainless steel or aluminum
Optional anodizing to better withstand scratches, corrosion, and decay


The cage ladder can be used to access steel silos or any other hard-to-reach industrial storage structure.

Our "Over the Top" modular system allows customization of every aspect of the cage ladder, which can be made of aluminum or stainless steel. Not only can we design and produce the cage ladder structure, but we can also custom build the platforms and walkways around the tank's surface.


We listen to our customers' needs and always put safety at the forefront of our designs: both the walkways and stairs can be fitted with self-closing safety gates to prevent accidental falls.

We also provide complete 2D and 3D project drawings beforehand to ensure the final product meets our client's expectations. All our ladders comply with D.lgs 81/2008 and ISO 14122 safety regulations.

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